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It is a slow progression, a type of crawl down the food chain. I sprint off while in his view, smiling and thinking, "If I just make it to the next building and turn the corner, I'll be out of sight.

He works his way from banana to egg sandwiches, to any food his coworkers inadvertently leave unattended. For me, eating is a calculated event, a measurement of meals, a social occasion. Then I can go window shopping."He warms up at a pace matching my full-out sprint.

Later, the Americans continued to dominate boxing, winning 109 medals (including 48 gold) out of the 842 up for grabs, closely followed by the Cubans and Russians.A 155-pound person will burn 335 calories in 30 minutes of sparring; even though cardio boxing isn't exactly sparring, it's essentially sparring without an opponent.Running is one of the simplest ways to burn calories, and because you can tailor your speed to your level of athleticism, it's ideal for a wide range of people.If a 155-pound person runs at 5 miles per hour for 30 minutes, she'll burn 298 calories, which is slightly less than cardio boxing for the same duration.But if that person can maintain a speed of 6 or 7.5 miles per hour, she'll burn 372 or 465 calories, respectively, in 30 minutes.

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