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Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...

I think we, as caps, understand this more so than other signs.You need to know the other person's date, place and time of birth.If he doesn't know the time he was born, astrologers use 12 noon as a starting point.He never has awful prestige issues but his own independence and individuality is something he stands tall for.In a relationship, he is a very friendly partner who respects and understands his lady but hates to get tied up in knots.

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ALSO THIS HIS CHART Zodiac in degrees 0.00 Time unknown Sun Aquarius 5.02 Moon Capricorn 16.30 Mercury Capricorn 11.15 Venus Capricorn 24.53 R Mars Sagittarius 26.54 Jupiter Cancer 2.19 R Saturn Capricorn 18.28 Uranus Capricorn 7.10 Neptune Capricorn 12.56 Pluto Scorpio 17.37 Lilith Scorpio 9.09 Asc node Aquarius 16.31 MINES IS ' Sun Capricorn 28.30 Moon Virgo 13.20 Mercury Aquarius 2.42 Venus Sagittarius 11.41 Mars Aries 7.26 Jupiter Pisces 20.42 Saturn Sagittarius 17.18 Uranus Sagittarius 24.38 Neptune Capricorn 6.22 Pluto Scorpio 9.48 Lilith Cancer 6.22 Asc node Aries 14.54 ALSO HE SAYS HE IS ATTRACTED TO HOW OUTSPOKENED I AM, PLUS I AM BEAUTIFUL TO HIM, AND HE WANTS SOMEONE SERIOUS , SO HE ADMIRES MY ADMIRATION TOWARDS MY CAREER; I WRITE, RECORD/ AND SOME OF EVERYTHING ELSE SO HE SAYS HE LOVES THAT DETERMINATION AND AMBITION.....w HAT IS YOU GUYS OPINION OF THIS MATTER?????

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  1. Apparently referring to Mr Sarkozy, who as France’s head of state is in charge of the country’s atomic arsenal, Carla once told a friend: ‘I want a man with nuclear power’.