Francis boulle and louise thompson dating

During this, she admits to Louise that she and her brother Sam used to sleep with each other, or "bonk." Olivia later joins Louise, Sam and Jamie Laing later in the day, following Louise telling Sam she knows of their history.

Sam rebuffs it as being years ago, and Olivia jokes he is not her type, but that it would be good for them to hang out.

21 November 2011Millie is at sea as she feels Higo is playing with her feelings and is still concerned that something is going on between Hugo and Rosie.

Gabriella clashes with Cheska and has a late night encounter with Jamie and Amber helps organise Mark Francis and Francis's Gatsby themed birthday party where the truth will out and somebody will walk away humiliated and another distraught.

The evening forces Caggie and Spencer to confront their feelings, and tensions boil over when Spencer discovers his best friend Hugo has set Caggie up with someone new.

She left at the end of the series along with Mr Taylor and went on to support him during his time in the I'm A Celebrity… The pair since split and then got back together again, and Natalie still posts occasional photos of them together.

And now we're not sure of their relationship status.

Olivia herself works as a fine art photographer, having taught herself.

Her work focuses on the naked female form, combining it with 'natural surroundings' influenced by her rural upbringing to depict a range of different emotions from her models. She also produces galleries of her work, as seen by the one in her first appearance, but prior to joining Made in Chelsea, Olivia has showcased work at exhibitions at the Osbourne Gallery in October 2015, as well as a longer-running one at [email protected] from November 2015 until January 2016.

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The 28-year-old brought a bit of European spice to the reality show from Lithuania.

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