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Join this project as a conservation volunteer in Costa Rica and live in a tropical rainforest reserve on the Pacific coast, and take part in sea turtle volunteer research and monitoring, crocodile monitoring and research, mammal monitoring and river otter research, environmental education, butterfly garden projects and more.

You can join for 1 week up to 12 weeks and we have places available all throughout the year.

Armar un molote – To raise an uproar or cause a scene.

The 21-year-old Corner Brook woman has been living in Costa Rica with a group called the “Etherians”, which Reid’s family have called a cult.

As part of this mission we want to make sure that you have information about your program site before you leave.

Sol Education Abroad was founded under the principles of promoting cultural understanding and the lifelong study of foreign languages.

The upward motion of the building cumulus cloud causes the whole layer of air above the storm to rise.Well, whatever the science behind it, it sure is gorgeous to look at.Your Country Handbook is your key to preparing for your program and understanding what to expect onsite.A percentage of nests are moved to the nursery/hatchery where they are observed and protected 24/7.In the hatchery important data about the biology of the turtles nests' is gathered, such as the incubation period, nest temperature and how this influences the sex of the hatchlings, as well as observing environmental factors such as precipitation and physical environmental factors.

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