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Over the years, the internal usage of comfrey has gotten some heat for causing liver damage.

Apparently one study, which was done in the 70s, used an animal test (not cool) to inject the equivalent of tens of thousands of comfrey leaves into mice, whereupon their livers failed. Run this converter after installing it in your computer.

Click the Add Files button to load the APE audio that you want to convert.

The intent of this one however ‘ Need to buy me a car, got things to do lol’ could be anything from killing time by posting randomly to impressing friends, but not buying a car.

Behind posts and messages, as they appear on social networks.Comfrey is native to Europe and Asia and loves to grow in damp places, so England and Ireland are popular growing spots for this herb.It’s been commonly used as an internal and external medicine for centuries, but recently, its internal usage has been under fire. I love it when governments tell us something is dangerous when thousands of years of use has proven otherwise!Did you know that you can heal sprains, fractures, twisted muscles, and even sores and burns, all with comfrey? This herb has been used for centuries to help people treat ailments such as these.This adorable plant with its big leaves and bell-shaped flowers could just have you on the mend if used properly!

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