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However, for existing profiles this GPO will take action only on new emails and not on emails that were already downloaded in your OST.I’ll review with you here the most common issues I get calls to fix.The reason keeping them back is IMAP support for Gmail and other web services.In Outlook 2007 if you try setting up Gmail IMAP, you will find it to be clunky, slow, or in other words useless.

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Your email account will synchronize your folders and will now bring down your email into your “All Mail” folder. If this didn’t fix your problem you can also try the following suggestion.

Right-click on the [Gmail] header and select IMAP folders. Make sure All Mail is listed and you are subscribed to that folder.

For those who don’t know IMAP stands for Internet Message Access Protocol.

It is far better than POP since it allows users to download all their emails as if they are residing locally.

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