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However, the user may prefer to validate all the data cells in a row at once.This scenario can be achieved by using the Row Validating event, which is fired when the user tries to change the current row (changing to another row or when the control loses focus).provides a convenient way to realize data validation before it is committed to the underlying data source.SOLUTION To achieve data validation prior the row is committed, you can handle the Cell Validating event, which is raised by the control when the current cell changes or when it goes out of edit mode.When the validation fails, the editor is closed, but the user cannot change the current row in the grid until a valid cell value is entered.In this situation the editor is not kept active when the validation fails and pressing the Esc key does not revert the changes as the editor is already closed. Reply Soon Sanju Di Hi Sanjay, Changing the Style of textbox (like Align/Colors) Forces VB. Left End Sub Private Sub Text Box1_Got Focus(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. Select All() End Sub Private Sub Text Box1_Lost Focus(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. Also, you can just use " Select All" Check this Code: Private Sub Text Box1_Enter(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System.

Place an errorprovider control on the form (it is not a visible control).Note that only the Cell Validating event can keep the editor active,when the validation fails and it does not allow the user to exit the cell until a valid value is filled.However, pressing the Esc key in this situation will revert the initial value of the cell and it will close the editor. The Row Validating event has a slightly different behavior.Canceling this event prevents the user from exiting the cell until a valid value is entered or the edit process is canceled (via Esc key).The Data Bound Item will be updated only if the cell is validated.

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There is a deep discussion about when, where and how this validation should be done.

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